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Together, we have the power to end homelessness in our community.

The Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line is a non-profit organization committed to helping homeless families and single women in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania achieve lasting independence.  We embrace, inspire and restore the families we work with.


Through our Network Self-Sufficiency Program we bring together diverse religious groups in our community to help end homelessness.  Our Host and Support Congregations work together to provide safe, temporary housing for the families and single women we serve.  Although we utilize faith congregations there is no religious obligation on the part of our families.  Our community volunteers cook and serve meals, play and read to the homeless children, and help our families feel loved and safe while in our care.


In addition to the home-like atmosphere created by our volunteers and congregations in our Network Self-Sufficiency Program we also provide professional services to assist our families as they return to self-sufficiency.  These programs include individualized case management, job coaching, parenting skills classes, budget counseling, and clinical therapy.

Additionally, we go one step further in our Housing for Success Program by providing stable housing for single mothers and their children as these women pursue their educational goals.


IHN – Main Line has provided temporary shelter and support services to over 400 homeless families since 1991 and 70% of these families have moved into permanent or transitional housing with an increase in income and a commitment to self-reliance.