Together, we have the power to end homelessness
in our community.

The Interfaith Hospitality Network–Main Line (IHN-ML) is committed to helping homeless families in our community to achieve lasting independence. We believe that you get from the world what you give to the world. We have made the conscious decision to provide safe, temporary housing, meals and support services to homeless families in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.

Our goal is to provide the programs and services necessary to address the underlying causes of homelessness and to return our client families to a self-sustaining life.

The Interfaith Hospitality Network – Main Line (IHN-ML), headquartered in Norristown, PA, unites people from different segments of our caring community to work collaboratively to alleviate the suffering of homeless families. While not a religious organization, we get the majority of our volunteers from faith-based organizations because they have a strong desire to help and a built-in volunteer base. We serve homeless families in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties.

IHN-ML brings social service agencies together with congregations of all faiths to provide basic needs – regardless of a family’s race or religion – to help that family become self-sufficient again. IHN-ML is one of 115 affiliates in 38 states, including Family Promise in the District of Columbia. Family Promise was founded 20 years ago, when the first Interfaith Hospitality Network opened its doors and then grew into a national organization.

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