Network Self-Sufficiency

Network Self-Sufficiency Program

Goal: To provide temporarily housing to homeless families and single women in a caring environment and to support these homeless families in building a foundation for self-sufficiency.

Through our partnership with host and support congregations IHN – Main Line offers a cost effective way to provide shelter and support services to homeless families from our community. For a week at a time our host congregations convert classrooms into bedrooms and provide up to three families with a place to eat, sleep, and feel safe. Community volunteers provide home cooked meals, child care, and companionship for our families every evening and overnight from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.
Every morning the families return to our Day Center in Norristown where they meet with our case manager and work on their goals. For the three months they are in our Network program our families receive a variety of professional services, including:

  • job coaching
  • individual case management
  • parenting skills classes
  • budget counseling
  • life skills classes
  • clinical counseling

We are proud of our families and all that they achieve during their stay in our network.

Families share their experiences:

“IHN’s founder was heaven sent to people who are going through poverty/homelessness. It’s a great idea and it really helps families grow stronger together.”

“I’m really grateful to everyone at IHN. They were all supportive and helpful. I gained a lot of insight.”

“I can’t believe all these people (the volunteers) care about me. It really feels good.”

Volunteers share their experiences:

“I think sometimes we learn and gain more from the families we are here to help then they gain from us. It is a great experience.”

“IHN has really created a sense of community within our congregation.”

“IHN is a wonderful way to give back. It’s great to see struggling families become successful and to know you had a part in that.”